The STRIVE program has teamed up with the IT/Business program to further the progress of our school store. This program, run by Mrs. Kessler, makes sure the school store is clean, organized, and neat. The students work at the register, work with inventory, and arrange the clothes. By using their math, social, and organizational skills, these students run the store and work hard to make it the best it can be. These students learn how to work with other students, peers, customers, managers, and co-workers. The goal is to have the students prepared for when they are able to go to on the job training, they already have the necessary skills needed for retail. Their work in the school store keeps it open and active. It allows other students to have the opportunity to purchase the merchandise they want in school. It is because of them that reaching the products works out easily and efficiently. All of the students put in all of their effort to make this experience satisfactory for you. The school store has given many students a sense of purpose. The STRIVE students take ownership of the school store and selling the products.  Overall the students that like to work in the school store have definitely grown and have shown a change in their academics because of it. Overall, the school store is important to all of the students in STRIVE and their role in this project is valuable for everyone involved.