The CCTEC online school store was produced by the IT/Business program and the in-school store is run by the Strive program. Both programs have come together to work with the current state of the school store and make it a more prominent part of your school. Based on real feedback from staff, students, and parents we worked together finding, fixing, and improving the flaws. We were able to start a project that will hopefully bring more attention to the school store. All of our students have worked hard to bring a new experience to the student population. The Strive program has been working diligently to make our school store a place where students can come and support their school, purchase merchandise, and promote school spirit. The IT/Business program would like to gladly present to you the online school store open for the student public. As the store continues to grow, more changes will be made and everyone’s ideas will be considered to optimize the experience and the store itself.

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